About Us

Silambam App was started by MT Bharath, student of Master E.Gunasekar.

Silambam App was planned on 2019 and started working on October 2020 and finished in February 2021, with the initiative of Advertising, Selling and Other Essentials to the Artists of Silambam Art . Within one month period, the App gets 500+ customers and 200+ active customers. Silambam App has a tremendous response till now from day one.

How Silambam App is responsive to the customers?

Story :

Motive :

Silambam app was established to project Silambam as a art of self defence for both male and female in world forum inspite of making it as a welcome stage program in temples and functions.

User Attention :

We provide details of all possible Silambam News, competitions, programs and activities on daily basis.

We also publish the photos, videos of Silambam artist, masters in this app.

We provide digital platform for manufacturer of Silambam equipments and weapons to sell their products in our app after getting the quality of products for checkup by experts.


As we grown a lot since we started in Tamilnadu, we planned to extend our service to the Other States. Soon will reach the Other Country in this year 2021.

Current service place:

Upcoming service place: